Our Educational Mission

Traffic Safety Consultants (or TSC's) for the past 35 years ago has a dedicated educational mission to develop innovative, educational traffic safety courses that help save student lives and transform each student's driving behaviors and attitudes by creating much safer drivers. Our creative courses are constantly updated with current statistics, legislative amendments, and cutting edge educational changes to help students become statistically safer drivers. Several effectiveness studies of TSC's course effectiveness have been shown to have a statically accurate reduction in the number of collisions and in the reduction of traffic tickets nationwide. In other words TSC students are much less likely to have a run-ins with other vehicles and the law... after successfully graduating from a TSC course!

For the past 35 years, TSC has built its foundation of excellence through its commitment to quality, excellence, integrity, and excellence. TSC is here to help you, your staff and your students every step of the process as we have with over 150 affiliates and over two million satisfied customers.