About Traffic Safety Consultants:
Bruce Elkins

Over 35 years ago, Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc., (TSC) was founded with a simple premise: we envisioned an effective (and entertaining) traffic safety course that would engage the student with an interactive approach to learning. We set out to improve student retention rates by helping drivers confront their unsafe driving habits, incorrect driving behaviors, and as a result dramatically improve driver safety and reducing collisions amongst course participants. In fact, our courses have been shown in several studies with state agencies to have statistically reduced collisions and to have decreased the rate of recidivism among our course graduates.

This innovative idea many years has helped transform TSC into becoming arguably the nation's largest traffic/driving school provider with over two million graduated students and almost 200 affiliates who provide nationwide classes in over 300 cities. TSC provides each and every affiliate with our own innovative technology, course curriculum development, call center capabilities (as needed), customized software and our famous TSC personalized service where we listen to your needs and help you solve any problems you may encounter. This is why after three decades of traffic safety services that we still have among the industries' highest retention rate for affiliate programs. Our goal is make each TSC written course engaging for your students providing your company with significantly increased student referral rates. Our traffic safety courses include: Online, Classroom, Book and Video/DVD making TSC the leading provider of traffic and driving school affiliate provider safety education enterprises.

Our company is synonymous with quality, reliability and integrity. TSC for three decades has a track-record of excellence with all state and regulatory agencies. We have a dedicated team of several hundred employees; an in house IT information staff including computer programmers; a web design team that continually provides effective technology updates; an in-house writing staff, and an affiliate support management team that is solely dedicated to administering to your specific needs 365 days/nights a year. In short, TSC is a team which is dedicated to making your business a success.

And Becoming a TSC affiliate is simple. Our staff is here to help you with every step of the process from start to finish. You can get started anytime by calling Gloria Verver, our Director of Affiliate Programs (800)252-9488, or sending an email to gloria@trafficeducation.net. She is dedicated to helping you get started and most importantly answering your questions along the way.